When i dont get ur sms! A little pain in my heart A small tear in my eyes And sadness falls on my face.

Days r empty wen I dont hear somthin frm u. Just a simple hello n my worries r thru. Y I feel dis? I think I hav a clue. I am glad I hav a fren like u.

I wanted to help put A smile on your face today. So,before I got all tied up In another busy day I just had to send you a HAPPY HELLO!!!!!!

A simple HELLO can b soo sweeet... H= How r u? E= Every thing is k L= Like 2 cee u L= love 2 hear frm u O=Obviously I Missss u! so.... HELLO!

You'll always be special You'll always be loved For the warmhearted way That you live .... You'll always be wished Happy days in return.

There are many questions but answers R very few. so I ask U anotehr question How r U?

sending you a warm hi and wishing your day is a happy one

hey it's me hope all is well at your end came by to say have a perfect day

A warm "hello" doesn't come from the lips it comes from the heart, doesn't have to be told it has to be shown, doesn't have to be given, it has to be sent.

Days are empty wen I dont hear somthin 4rm you. Just a simple HELLO and my worries are thru. Why I feel this? I think I hav a clue. I am glad I have a frend like you.