Cheerful people are like sunlite They shine in to the corners of the heart and offer bright mornings and fresh hopes....

Like the sunshine in the morning may this brighten your day,and remind you that you're thought of in a very warm way.


As the dawn breaks into a beautiful sunrise, may God shower you His blessings of love and lead you always to the right path. Good morning.

I woke up one day and thought something was missing. So I got up from my bed, grabbed my cell phone and sent you a morning greeting. Good a.m.

When u find a dream inside ur heart Dont ever let it go Bcoz Dreams r the seeds from which beautiful tomorrows grow.

An ideal day should begin with A cute little yawn on your face. A cup of coffee in your hand & a sms from me on your mobile?! Have a great day! Good Morning.

There is no need to reach high for the stars. They are already Within you, just reach deep Into yourself. GOOD MORNING

One of the joys in modern life is waking up each day with thoughts that somewhere, someone cares enough to send a warm morning greeting! Good morning and enjoy the day!